How Many Times Should You Do Complimentary Infrared Heat Sauna? 


Imagine the feeling of stepping out of a rejuvenating infrared heat sauna at Sutera Spa and Skin Treatments. You’ve embraced the soothing warmth, melting away your stresses and basking in tranquility.

As you relish this newfound relaxation, you may wonder: How often should I indulge in the comforting embrace of an infrared heat sauna to reap its full benefits?

Complimentary infrared saunas offer many advantages for your physical and mental well-being. Still, the frequency of your sessions plays a significant role in maximizing these advantages.

The Power of Consistency

Consistency is key when experiencing the myriad benefits of infrared heat saunas. Unlike some wellness practices where occasional participation suffices, the effects of infrared heat saunas are best realized through regular and consistent use. These sessions offer a range of physical and mental benefits, from detoxification and pain relief to stress reduction and improved skin health.

Aligning to Your Goals:

The ideal frequency of infrared heat sauna sessions can vary from person to person and depends largely on your wellness goals. Consider what you hope to achieve through sauna use:


  • Stress Reduction: If your primary aim is stress relief and relaxation, enjoying a session 2-3 times per week can significantly reduce tension and promote overall well-being.
  • Detoxification: Those seeking detoxification benefits may benefit from more frequent sessions, up to 4-5 times a week. This can aid in the elimination of toxins and promote a healthier, cleansed body.
  • Pain Management: Individuals dealing with chronic pain or muscle soreness may find relief with 3-4 sessions per week, as the infrared heat can alleviate discomfort and promote faster recovery.

Listen to Your Body:

It’s essential to pay attention to your body’s signals during and after each sauna session. If you’re new to infrared saunas, start with shorter sessions (20-30 minutes) and gradually increase the duration as your tolerance builds.

Monitor how your body responds to the heat and adjust the frequency accordingly. If you experience discomfort, dizziness, or dehydration, it’s crucial to space out your sessions and hydrate adequately.

Listening to your body is fundamental to a safe and enjoyable sauna experience. Here are some additional considerations:

  • Hydration: Before, during, and after your sauna session, proper hydration is key. The heat in the sauna can cause your body to sweat, leading to fluid loss. Drinking water before and after your session helps replenish lost fluids and keeps you feeling refreshed.
  • Temperature Tolerance: Everyone’s heat tolerance is different. Some individuals may find lower sauna temperatures (110-130°F or 43-54°C) more comfortable, while others can tolerate higher temperatures (150-170°F or 66-77°C). It’s essential to find a temperature range that suits your comfort level.
  • Duration: As you become more accustomed to the sauna, you can gradually increase the duration of your sessions. However, be mindful not to overextend your stay. Typically, sessions lasting between 20 to 45 minutes are considered safe and effective.
  • Cooling Down: After leaving the sauna, let your body cool down gradually. Sitting or lying in a cooler environment, such as a lounge area, helps prevent overheating and allows your heart rate to return to normal.

Avoid Overuse:

While consistency in sauna sessions is beneficial, overuse can adversely affect your health. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures can lead to dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. It’s crucial to maintain a balanced approach to sauna use.

Here are some guidelines to help you avoid overuse:

  • Frequency: As mentioned earlier, the ideal frequency of sauna sessions depends on your goals and comfort level. Avoid using the sauna excessively, especially if you are new to this form of therapy.
  • Duration: Limit each session to a reasonable duration, typically no more than 45 minutes. Extended stays in the sauna can lead to dehydration and overheating.
  • Signs of Overuse: Be aware of signs of overuse, such as dizziness, nausea, rapid heartbeat, or extreme thirst. If you experience these symptoms, exit the sauna immediately and cool down.

Consult a Wellness Professional:

Suppose you need more certainty about infrared sauna sessions’ ideal frequency and duration. In that case, consulting a wellness professional or therapist is advisable.

They can provide personalized recommendations based on your health, goals, and condition. A wellness professional can assess the following factors to tailor your sauna regimen:


  • Health History: Your medical history, including any preexisting conditions or medications, can influence your suitability for sauna therapy.
  • Goals: Discuss your wellness goals with the professional, whether it’s stress relief, detoxification, pain management, or overall relaxation.
  • Physical Condition: Your current physical condition, including fitness level and recent injuries, can impact how you approach sauna sessions.
  • Session Structure: A wellness professional can help design a structured sauna session plan that aligns with your objectives, taking into account factors like temperature, duration, and post-sauna cooling.

The Journey to Wellness

Incorporating infrared heat sauna sessions into your wellness routine is a journey toward improved health and relaxation. Whether you seek stress relief, detoxification, pain management, or a combination of benefits, the sauna can be a valuable addition to your lifestyle.

By paying attention to your body, staying hydrated, and avoiding overuse, you can safely embrace the soothing warmth of the sauna and reap its numerous rewards. Remember that consistency is key, and finding the right balance of frequency and duration is essential for a fulfilling sauna experience.

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What We Say

The question of how often you should enjoy complimentary infrared heat sauna sessions depends on your unique goals, comfort level, and physical condition. Whether you choose to sauna 2-3 times a week for stress relief or more frequently for detoxification, the key is to listen to your body, maintain proper hydration, and seek guidance from a wellness professional when needed.

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